Goal of the game:

        Make cross to the light the greatest number of pipes and bonus before the light leave the game by one of the border.

States for the player:

The player can be in 2 states:

         - Active or not.

         - The player has the deal or not.


             - The player is active when his number is light on:

                     Then the active player can do 2 things:

                        1-Accumulate points when the light go throught a bonus.

                        2-Add to his score the points accumulated during the turn when the light hit one of the border.

             - The player who has the deal has his name light on:

                     Then he can choose an element in his pickaxe and put it on the board.

A game turn:

    A turn begins when the light appears in the game and finishes when the light disappeares by hitting one of the border or by running upon a pipe on the bad side.

    From 2 to 4 players fight each other.

    Each player puts in turn an element on the game board to accumulate points and to direct the light towards one of the border. No element can be put in the square where the light is.

    A player becomes active in 2 cases:

        -when the light crosses for the first time a pipe put by him.

        -when the player puts on the game board a bonus or a bomb.

    Throughout a game turn:

        Each player takes in turn the hand to put an element on the board in order to direct the light towards one of the border (warning: the time for each player turn is limited).

        All the times that light crosses a pipe, 1 point is added to the number of points to gain when the light hit a border. These points are lost and deduced from the score of the active player if the light runs upon a pipe on the bad side.

        When the light do a circuit and come back in the same square by crossing only pipes, the light disappeares and the turn finishes as if the light have hit a border. The active player add points accumulated during this turn to his score.

Elements available:

    3 types of elements are available:






               To direct the light in one of the 4 directions. there are 4 kinds of pipes: , , and .


               With them you can eliminate from the game board the pipes. The bombs cannot eliminate the bonus. The bomb does not bring back any point, on the other hand it allows the player who puts it to become active. Bomb appears as follows: .


               The actiye player can win 5 to 10 points when the light crosses the bonus. These points are preserved by the player and are added to his score only when the light hit one of the border and this player is active. In addition to the points, the bonus can also have an effect on the game.

                   There are 5 types of bonus:

                        which have the following effects:

                                    : Accelerate the speed of the light (5 points).

                                    : Slow down the speed of the light (5 points).

                                    : Increase the game time for the player who have the deal when the light crosses this bonus (5 points).

                                    : The active player accumulate 10 points. No other effect.

                                    : Remove all the elements present on the board and the active player can add to his score all the points accumulated during this turn, as if the light has hit one of the border (5 points).

Game options:


     -Possibility to select the game time at the beginning (2,3,5,7 or 10 minutes).

     -Possibility to select the number of player from 2 to 4, and you can play against computer.

     -Possibility to clear the board when the light cannot come in game 3 time in one go.

     -Possibility to select the level of sound during the game.

     -Possibility to wait at the beginning of each player turn.

     -Possibility to have help during game.

     -Possibility to draw the detail of the points earn at the end of the turn.